Winter tires: Have you ever heard of the 7 ° C limit?

October 18 2018, Stéphanie Lacroix

Winter tires: Have you ever heard of the 7 ° C limit?

Isn’t it difficult these days to predict the temperature it will do in the short term ? As the weather cools for a few days, heat records are broken the following week. These oscillations leave the motorists perplexed. Should we install the winter tires immediately and avoid being caught short by the first winter conditions, or wait for a temperature drop to avoid damaging them prematurely?

Designed to perform

First, to understand the importance of having the right tire at the right time, it is important to understand the difference between a summer tire and a winter tire, and the parameters that affect their degree of grip.

The ambient temperature acts on the adhesion of a tire to the road. The heat makes the rubber softer, and the cold, on the opposite, makes it more rigid. To drive safely, the grip of the tire must be optimal. So, summer tires are designed with a harder rubber, so that it remains efficient despite the heat. Winter tires are more flexible, because the cold will harden it.

The 7 ° C limit

In the industry, experts agree that a summer tire stops offering optimal grip below 7 degrees Celsius.Even if the temperature exceeds 10-15 degrees in the day, we are talking about an average temperature. By mid-October, temperatures can easily drop below 7 degrees Celsius in the morning and evening, when most motorists travel on the roads.

The heat recorded in the middle of the day is not enough to prematurely wear the rubber of winter tires.

Safety first 

It is therefore strongly discouraged to wait for the first signs of winter before making an appointment with your specialist Ile-Perrot Toyota for the installation of winter tires. 

In 2017, let's remember that on November 11, it was -9 in the area. At this temperature, it's essential to have high-performance winter tires for safe driving. 

Bill 42 forces motorists in Quebec to have winter tires from December 15 to March 15. The recent amendment to the Code de la sécurité routière, however, indicates that as of 2019, the date will be December 1st.

Go for security and professional service! Join Ile-Perrot Toyota today to make your appointment.