Windshield wipers: When should they be changed?

May 25 2018, Marie-Andrée Boisvert

Windshield wipers: When should they be changed?
For a car parked in the garage for 10 months a year, it’s normal that it’ll have a much longer life.

However, it's not just time that’s a key factor in the life of your windshield wipers. Most of us change them when it's already too late. We wait forever until our wipers are useless before changing them. Here are some facts about windshield wipers.

Depending on their use, they should last at least 6 months

Small wipers are quite durable. They should last at least 6 months, but most of us change them after a year. For example, wipers are most abused in Canada: snow, cold, ice, dust, sand, etc. In short, all these difficult conditions can ruin your wipers. In other words, if you live in Canada, you should change your windshield wipers every 6 months or before the summer and before the winter. You can even coordinate this changeover when replacing your tires.

Safety and concentration are the key

A poorly maintained wiper not only puts your visibility at risk, it also affects your concentration. Just checking if your wiper has contact with the windshield eliminates a few seconds of reaction time: sometimes precious seconds when there is snow or rain on your windshield. In short, you should prioritize optimal visibility at all times. It’s common sense!

Toyota hybrid models

Toyota has a hybrid rubber and silicone model that offers versatility for different types of weather conditions. In light of winter and extreme weather conditions, winter wipers should be used. A special baffle is integrated and uses the airflow on the vehicle to help the wiper sit firmly on the windshield, even in the presence of snow and ice accumulations. Thanks to their unique hingeless design, these wipers have no joints or areas where ice can accumulate and reduce their performance.

If you don’t want to change your wipers right away, at least do a quick visual inspection.