Toyota's Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, a major innovation!

May 06 2017, Marie-Andrée Boisvert

Toyota's Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, a major innovation!
Toyota innovation never lets up...

Toyota innovation never lets up. Lately, with Toyota Safety Sense safety suite, the Toyota has added another innovative element, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control with a self-adjusting capability.

The radar controller

The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control works much like a "constant speed" regulator. Thus, it allows vehicles to drive at a constant speed determined by the driver and traffic density.

However, on busy roads, the cruise control becomes somewhat ineffective.  It must always be deactivated and reactivated when the road is free. In addition, it requires your full attention to make the adjustment, potentially reducing your concentration on matters ahead of you.

To correct this constant adjustment problem when you encounter too many vehicles, Toyota engineers have improved the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control functions. The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control measures the distance between vehicles allows appropriate speed adjustments accordingly and automatically.

Radar operation

The radar cruise control uses a millimeter-wave radar. It is mounted in the grille with an integrated camera to detect a vehicle that precedes you and helps to determine its distance. Upon detection, the system is designed to automatically reduce the speed of your vehicle if the vehicle in front of you rolls slower than you.

In addition, when a higher speed reduction is required, for example due to sudden congestion, the system can even activate your car’s brakes and activate the brake lights to warn the drivers behind you.

However, the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is designed to assist and complement the driver. It is not a collision avoidance system and is not a substitute for safe driving practices.

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