Toyota and Héma-Québec partnership to help premature babies

May 18 2018, Richard DesRochers

Toyota and Héma-Québec partnership to help premature babies
For more than 25 years, Toyota has offered its expertise and teaching to several organizations through its Toyota Production System.

This provides non-profit organizations that don’t necessarily have resources with access at all times to a centre to help them optimize the quality, productivity and safety of their essential resources. Here's a look at how an unexpected partnership is helping to save the lives of our little ones.

Héma-Québec and Toyota

Since 2017, Toyota has partnered with Héma-Québec to help the organization grow in various organizational ways. For example, the partnership has identified avenues and the implementation of activities to increase the supply of breast milk for premature babies. The partnership helped them through several stages, such as testing, analyses, processing, labelling, pasteurization, and packaging for transportation. Héma-Québec’s goal is the annual production of 4,000 litres of breast milk/year.

Expertise and conclusive results

With the help of Toyota's centre of expertise, Héma-Québec has increased its potential production capacity by nearly 500%. At the beginning of the partnership, the milk bank produced about 700 litres of milk a year. Today, the milk bank is on track to reach its target of 4,000 litres per year.

In a single year, the bank increased its distribution to partner hospitals by 20%. Toyota's proven management principles have greatly helped this non-profit organization. Another great Toyota innovation worthy of notice!

Finally, Héma-Québec has a constant need for about 300 active breast-milk donors to meet the needs of hospitals in Quebec. To help achieve this goal, mothers who are interested in donating milk are asked to help by registering on the Héma-Québec website.