Tires, windshield wipers, inspection: Are you ready for winter?

November 20 2016, Marie-Andrée Boisvert

Tires, windshield wipers, inspection: Are you ready for winter?
Did you know that in the province of Québec, you have until December 15 to have your winter tires installed?

Saviez-vous que vous avez jusqu’au 15 décembre pour faire installer vos pneus d’hiver? Bien que la plupart d’entre nous attendent souvent la première neige de novembre pour prendre rendez-vous, il est bon de se rappeler les autres éléments à vérifier pour faire face à la rudesse de l’hiver… Ainsi, voici quelques conseils à suivre pour que votre véhicule soit prêt à affronter les éléments hivernaux.

The importance of having winter tires in good condition

First of all, in Quebec, winter tires are mandatory from December 15 until March 15. Before installing your winter tires, or having them installed, check for wear. To do this, insert a quarter into one of the tire's grooves, with the caribou's nose toward the bottom of the tire. If you see the tip of the caribou muzzle, your tires will no longer have the 4.8 mm required to last you the entire season.  

It’s better to shop for new winter tires now for safety reasons, but also to benefit from additional discounts.

Replace your windshield wipers

LVisibility is one of the most important aspects of winter driving. The importance of having winter windshield wipers is paramount. Be sure to purchase durable windshield wipers that will properly adhere to your vehicle’s windshield.

Remember your winter inspection

Avoid perilous situations this winter and be sure to check out the following points so that your car is ready for winter:

  • Operation of windshield wipers, and heating and defrosting system
  • Windshield washer level
  • Brake and power steering fluid
  • Antifreeze - proper level and strength to -40c
  • Clean Motor oil and transmission oil
  • Tires (Wear and Pressure), including the spare tire
  • Electrical and ignition systems
  • Headlights (condition) , turn signals, hazard warning lights and horn
  • Belts, brakes, battery and alternator

Adapt your driving to weather conditions

Although the speed limits don’t change from season to season, according to the Highway Safety Code, "the driver must reduce his speed when visibility is reduced because of darkness, fog, rain or precipitation, or when the pavement is slippery or not completely unobstructed".

Do you know that if you don’t adapt your driving according to conditions, you may be fined $60 plus administration fees and lose 2 demerit points on your driving record?

In short, a trip to our Service department is worthwhile; our experts will be able to help you by providing you winter tires and windshield wipers of superior quality at prices equal or better than the competition! Make an appointment for a winter check-up in order to enjoy the winter season without worry!

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