How to avoid fogging in your windshield?

November 05 2018, Stéphanie Lacroix

How to avoid fogging in your windshield?

As we all know, autumn comes with rain. Heavy rain. There is an average of 10 to 15 days of precipitation per month in the region during October and November. Drivers must adapt their driving habits and their behavior on the road accordingly.

Rain and low temperatures are among the irritants for drivers: windshields that fog up and damage visibility. To avoid such a situation, it is important to understand the phenomenon.

When your windshield fogs up, the problem is inside the vehicle, not outside. Indeed, the condensation is the result of a humidity rate too high in the passenger compartment and a colder temperature outside than inside.

Moisture levels increase in the passenger compartment if there are multiple passengers or if you enter your vehicle while soggy after being taken from a rain shower. If your boots, your umbrella or your bags are soaked and soaking the carpets, it also helps to increase the humidity level in the car.

What to do ? 

If your windows fog up, turn on the defroster. Hot air and ventilation make fog disappear quickly. Make sure the air recirculation mode is not activated. However, once you get rid of the steam, do not turn off the heat on the spot. Water vapor can create thicker condensation on the windshield, which is in direct contact with outside fresh air while driving. It is also a good idea to keep your windshield as clean as possible because the particles of oil and dirt that accumulate there attract moisture. Clean the windshield with a microfiber cloth. Some anti-fog products are available in store. If the water enters the passenger compartment through the doors while driving, check the condition of the gasket located inside. It might need to be changed. If the problem persists, ask your Ile Perrot Toyota specialist to check your air filter. A build-up of dirt can contribute to the formation of moisture.

Fun fact

Some drivers use a potato to prevent fogging in the windshield! They cut the potato in half and then rub it on the windshield. Once the window is dry, wipe with a clean and dry cloth. Starch prevents the creation of condensation. Is it effective ? We can't confirm !