3 Toyota Concepts-i’s to discover at the Tokyo Auto Show

November 10 2017, Marie-Andrée Boisvert

3 Toyota Concepts-i’s to discover at the Tokyo Auto Show
The trend in recent years in terms of car travel is mainly focused on mobility in general rather than valuing one type of car travel in particular.

To do this, Toyota has forged ahead with the original Concept-i car and a complete series of "mobility vehicles". Each intended to offer a future where we’ll no longer have to walk. The result: Toyota now owns a full line of experimental vehicles presented at the Tokyo Motor Show last month.

At the heart of Concept-i

At the heart of Concept-i lies powerful artificial intelligence that teaches us to build a deep and human relationship with the driver. Beyond just learning schedules and driving habits, the car uses a variety of technologies to measure the driver's emotions based on where and when they are in the world.

Designed by Calty Design Research in California, the Concept-i is based on the fact that the technology should be easy, friendly and, above, all fun. Toyota sees the Concepts-i Ride and Concept-i Walk as additional means of transportation to the original Concept-i concept.

Concept-i Ride

For faster city travel, drivers could soon look forward to a very thin two-seater to sneak through traffic that’s often very heavy. Essentially, the i Ride version is half-scale versus the original i-Concept car. With a range of 100-150 km, it’s meant for shorter, urban travel. Note, too, that Concept-i Ride shares much of its design with the larger Concept-i model.

Concept-i Walk

Regarded as the most difficult part of the trio, i Walk is neither more nor less than the equivalent of the segway, but without the learning phase. As a result, one moves in a standing position for an autonomy of 10 to 20 kilometers, depending on surface unevennesses.

In short, an outstanding trio that we can’t wait to see on the market! It looks like the future is upon us...